[Mailman-Users] Upgrade to version 2.1 - latency on processing incoming messages

Ray Gardener R.A.Gardener at shu.ac.uk
Mon Jun 16 17:25:00 CEST 2003


the logs indicate that posts are being accepted into the mailman in queue
within a minute from being sent by the MUA.  From the mailman post logs I
can see the messages being sent by out mailman, after which they arriving in
the mailing list members mailbox within a minute. So the majority of the
wait seems to be in the mailman system rather than in the surrounding mail
systems. (Running "qrunner -r Incoming" invariably causes the  mail to much
more quickly.) However I do notice that there is a gap between the time the
message arrives in the in queue and it getting logged in the post log that
accounts for much of the delay
 I can see currently, files in the qfiles/in directory that have been there
for 15 minutes without anything logged for them in either the post or smtp

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> At 13:32 16/06/2003, Gardener, Ray A wrote:
> >Hi
> >
> >Last week I upgraded to 2.1 - after a few problem things seems to be
> >almost working fine.
> >However I notice that mails sent in regularly  take over 20 minutes to be
> >delivered. The logs directory files for mailman don't show any
> >problems and the system is lightly loaded.
> But where is the time delay occurring: between receipt by the local MTA
> Mailman sending it out, between Mailman handing it off to the outbound MTA
> and that passing the mail on. What do the headers on "delayed" mail show;
> also the MTA and Mailman's post/smtp logs.

> If anything the latency should be better with 2.1.x than with 2.0.x
> Are these posts to lists with many subscribers or do they have some
> characteristic (large posts, many attachments) that might affect their
> handling?

No this has been reproduced in my test list with two subscribers and small
(< 3k) messages.




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