[Mailman-Users] Mailman + Fetchmail +Amavis +Spamassassin

John DeCarlo jdecarlo at mitre.org
Wed Jun 18 19:09:34 CEST 2003


1.  Generally speaking, the MTA (in your case, Exim), does not do 
anything related to Mailman except direct incoming mail to Mailman for 
processing.  This is where the MTA aliases come into play.

I suppose it might be possible for Exim to see a "subscribe" message and 
send it to the appropriate listname-request address locally.  Especially 
since you have only one list you are maintaining.  I am sure you could 
get Exim to send the message two places:  local user account so you can 
read and double check, and the reseller-request Mailman account so that 
Mailman can process the subscription request.

2.  You definitely have to send commands to Mailman the right way, if 
you want Mailman to process them.

There are, of course, a million ways to jury rig a system to work the 
way you want it, but I wouldn't recommend it.  Far better to have 
Mailman handle subscribe messages the documented way.

Kevin Moschallski wrote:

> No the users mailbox is for orders and other stuff there is no filter 
> rules wich pipes it into mailman but i thought the exim director 
> supposed to grep those messages.
> am i wrong with this?
>    kevin
> John DeCarlo schrieb:
>> Kevin,
>> How are you getting the message from the local mailbox 'lieske' to 
>> Mailman?  It expects the subscribe message to go to 
>> listname-request at ...  Does the local user 'lieske' forward everything 
>> to 'reseller-request' or what?
>> Thanks.
>> Kevin Moschallski wrote:
>>> Hi everyone,
>>> i installed mailman and its working fine, but only when i subscribe 
>>> local. i added everything to my exim.conf and the mailman director is 
>>> the first one. i run a mailinglist where people could subscribe when 
>>> they send a email to reseller-subscribe at lieske-elektronik.de but 
>>> lieske-elektronik.de is not my local domain so the mails are fetched 
>>> with fetchmail and send to the local user lieske. the mail arrives in 
>>> this mailbox but mailman subscribe doesent work.
>>> now i thought maybe this is because amavis or spamassassin rewrites 
>>> the subject or sth. else.


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