[Mailman-Users] vette: Message discarded

Norbert Brazda brazda at changenet.sk
Wed Jun 25 18:05:50 CEST 2003

After upgrade to MM 2.1.2 some messages sent to our mailinglists were being shunted and some discarded. I think that shunting had to do with MIME encoding (our users write in Slovak languague that uses characters with accent in windows-1250 encoding). We disabled all content filtering, but some problems still persist.

Some messages sent to some public, unmoderated mailinglists with no content filtering set are still being automatically discarded by Mailman with no notice sent to poster or listmaster. Mailinglist is set to HOLD all problematic messages (sent by non-members, etc.) and send notification to the poster and listmaster.

here is piece from vette log file:
Jun 25 16:44:01 2003 (27393) Message discarded, msgid: <337f01c33b28$8d2aaa20$0500000a at ab8>

After few days of testing miscelanous settings and searching for answer on internet I gave up and removed mailinglist and recreated it. It started to work and it worked for about two months with no problem, but now again some mailinglists (others are working well) started to automatically discard messages. Seems like there the database of that mailinglists might become corrupted...

Did someone else encountered such problems? Any solution? Or recommendation how to debug the problem (I am not familiar with python)? 

MailMan 2.1.2, Python 2.2, RedHat 7.3

Thanks for any answer,

brazda at changenet.sk

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