[Mailman-Users] Announcement lists

Howard Lush howie at statmail.co.uk
Wed Jun 25 15:56:24 CEST 2003


I'm trying to set up an announcement-style list using Mailman, but I'm 
having a few problems getting it to do exactly what I want. As I see it, 
there are two ways of implementing a secure announcement list:

1. Approve each message as it is posted. This is fine, except that due 
to the high volume of messages and number of lists that are involved I 
am unable to approve every message via the web interface. As far as I 
can see there is no method of bypassing this by using a password at the 
top of the e-mail (e.g. Approved: password) or in the posting address 
itself (e.g. test-password at domain.com).

2. To allow one address (e.g. secret at domain.com) to automatically post 
without approval. This works fine, except that should anyone find out 
the address, the list would become insecure. Therefore I turned on the 
anonymous_list option so that the source address is masked and replaced 
with the list address. The only problem with this is that the e-mail 
arrives at the destination with the header:

From: test-admin at domain.com

...where test is the list name. Is there any way to change this to 

From: test at domain.com

or, ideally:

From: CustomName [test at domain.com]

Alternatively, if you have any other suggestions on how I can achieve a 
secure announcement list, I would be very grateful to receive them.

One other quick question - is there an easy way to set up a 'super-list' 
that posts to all the subscribers of a number of sub-lists, without 
sending a duplicate message to subscribers who are on more than one of 
the sub-lists?

Thanks in advance for your help,



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