[Mailman-Users] public/private searching

Tomasz Finc tomasz at rescomp.berkeley.edu
Thu May 1 00:25:13 CEST 2003

Currently I run mailman for about 50 lists or so. I would like to
set up mailman to be able to search through all of the archives
and bring up matching mails. I've heard of intergrating it with
htdip and Mhonarc but I know this wont allow for lists that are
marked private.

Is there any way to organize searching to go through all lists
that a person belongs to .. perhaps based on cookies.. instead
of just the public ones...

One alternative i can see is if i place searching inside each
list and have a seperate db for each one. I would really like to
avoid this since searching across multiple lists at the same time is
what i really want.


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