[Mailman-Users] Allowing administrivia to work

Heath Raftery hraftery at myrealbox.com
Wed May 7 18:49:57 CEST 2003

I wrote a little while ago asking for some advice about setting up 
mailman in an environment where the mail server and web server were not 
actually local. Thank you to those who were able to help. I've managed 
to come quite aways, despite the difficultly of not being able to serve 
from the computer running Mailman.

I've set up an email address at a free email account site, and have 
fetchmail successfully fetching mail from that account and delivering 
it to sendmail, which correctly uses its alias db to pass it on to 
Mailman. My problem arises when administrivia is sent to the list.

I was hoping potential subscribers could send an email to the same 
address used for posting to the list, but with the word 'subscribe' in 
the subject, and get subscribed to the list! I was hoping the same 
might apply for 'unsubscribe' and possibly 'help' and 'who'. I've 
worked through all the settings, making sure there is no moderation, no 
user has their moderation flag set, and administrivia is 'Yes'. Still 
though, messages with subjects such as 'subscribe', 'help' and 'who' 
get held, waiting for moderator attention, with this reason:
"Message may contain administrivia"
And, accepting the mail in the administration interface delivers the 
email to the list! I was hoping the administration (subscribe being the 
most important one) would be performed. What could possibly be wrong 

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