[Mailman-Users] Umbrella/Parent Lists

Greg Harris gharris at mail.nixa.k12.mo.us
Wed May 7 16:08:34 CEST 2003

After looking through the many articles on this topic, I am still not
seeing a truly dynamic fix.  First, I am not very familiar with python
programming and this is the first time I have set up a mailing list, so
please be forgiving.

I am mainly looking at how to allow all users from certain other local
lists, to post to a higher list.  Let me try to quickly explain.  I work
in a public school system, so I will use that example.  The High School
Principal would be in a list which would only include himself and the
Assistant Principals, HS-Principals.  That list would be covered by a
Principals list.  The Principals list would be a compilation of the
different building principal lists and all principals would be able to
post to the Principals list.  However, HS-Principals would also be part
of HS-Staff.  HS-Staff would be an umbrella for the list English,
Science, etc.  Only HS-Principals would be allowed to send to HS-Staff. 
Hopefully by now, you can see that this is just using the organizational
structure for a creation of Umbrella/Parent lists that would encompass
the entire district.  Essentially, I want to put each user in only one
list, and then use those lists to determine who can write to what lists.

Although the initial setup will be huge, the long term management will
be much easier than trying to add each person to all the lists that they
would be a part of.

Rather than using scripts and cron jobs to build lists, it would seem to
be a better use of resources to use regular expressions in the
accept_these_nonmembers.  Unfortunately, I do not have the experience to
write these expressions.  Has anyone else tried this?  Am I completely
off my rocker and about to watch it burn?


Greg Harris

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