[Mailman-Users] custom response to subscribtion request

Josep L. Guallar-Esteve guallar at easternrad.com
Mon May 12 13:54:50 CEST 2003

On Friday 09 May 2003 04:04 pm, Kalin Mintchev wrote:
> hi,

Hi Kalin,

> how can i do a custom response to the subscription request?...

Properly configuring Mailman for that list.

> i have a list running on a mailman server with a lot of other lists and
> the client said that he wants the subscribers to his list to recieve
> custom confirmation request and confirmation message...
> i looked at the admin pages and around on google but could not find where
> or how to set it up....

Open your browser, go to the admin URL for that list (something like 
http://www.company.com/mailman/admin/your_list_name/autoreply ). Enter admin 

Note the several text boxes. Enter the desired text on the "Auto-response text 
to send to -request emails. (Details)" text box... or from a file that you 
can upload.

Hope this helps.

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