[Mailman-Users] admindb not updated

Mark Dadgar mark at pdc-racing.net
Fri May 16 06:30:59 CEST 2003

Emil Volcheck at volcheck at acm.org wrote:
> when I discard (or otherwise process) messages that have been
> held for approval, there is no change when I click the submit
> button.  When the page reloads, all the messages reappear as
> though I had done nothing.  I suspected that somehow the held
> message files got write permissions screwed up, but I saw
> nothing unusual, and check_perms found no error.  I deleted
> the held messages from the data directory, and that cleared
> up the backlog.
> Can anybody suggest what might be going wrong with the web interface?

Interesting.  I've periodically had the opposite problem.  Stuff will hit
the admindb but not show up in the web interface.

For example, someone will subscribe via the web to a mailing list that
requires admin approval.  The info will make it to the admindb (pending.pck)
and be reflected in the subscribe log, but it will never show up in the
admin web interface.

Having seen it yet after the 2.1.2 upgrade, but then it's the kind of
problem you can easily miss.

- Mark
mark at pdc-racing.net

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