[Mailman-Users] Securing Apache

Wesley T. Perdue wes at greenfieldnetworks.com
Thu May 22 02:44:09 CEST 2003


My bet is you've got an "AllowOverride None" directive in the cgi-bin Directory section of your httpd.conf, which tells Apache to ignore the .htaccess file you created.  I recommend you copy the auth config statements from the pipermail Directory section to the cgi-bin Directory section.

Good luck.


At 09:58 AM 5/22/2003 +1000, Clayton Rogers wrote:
>I would like to restrict access to mailman based on IP address/FQDN.
>This is what I have done so far:
><Directory /var/mailman/archives>
>        Options +FollowSymlinks
>        Order Deny,Allow
>        Deny from all
>        Allow from blah.blah.domain
>Seems to work.
>My problems seems to be the cgi-bin scripting area where I am unable to restrict access.  Users are still able to go http://mailman/mailman/listinfo/list.  Are restrictions possible either in apache or mailman?
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