[Mailman-Users] changing default web page url

Gary Wang gary at lists.quartertone.net
Thu May 22 05:28:18 CEST 2003

Is there an easy way to edit the default URLs after the lists have been
created? I know from the Site administrator's guide
(http://www.gnu.org/software/mailman/site.html) that this is possible
using the bin/config_list command, which works, but is very tedious.
Yes, I practically live in a shell, but this is just unneccessarily

First, the background information:  The web server in question is in my
local network, having an address in the 192.168.x.x range. Within my
internal network, I refer to the server using that class C IP or the
hostname associated with the IP address (internal.quartertone.net). From
the internet, the server is accessed using the "real" IP address or its
hostname (external.quartertone.net), which is different than the
internal hostname.

I want to be able to maintain the list from within my network as well as
allowing other moderators/managers to access the same links from remote
locations. So I set in mm_cfg.py
DEFAULT_URL_HOST = 'external.quartertone.net'
butI could not properly access the links from the local network.

One possible solution i came up with, just as i was about to gouge my
eyes out, was to put an entry in /etc/hosts (of whatever computer I
would be using) with external.quartertone.net pointing to the local
class C IP address. This way I would be able to configure the server
locally. But this is a rather ugly hack.

There must be some way to tell mailman to use (or trick it into using)
the same server name that it was first accessed with. So, if i went to all the links should begin
with instead of http://external.quartertone.net 

Any suggestions would be very welcome..


Server setup: Red Hat 9.0, postfix-2.0.9, mailman-2.1.2

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