[Mailman-Users] FreeBSD 4.7 Sendmail rejecting aliases

jbrouhard at ci.st-joseph.mo.us jbrouhard at ci.st-joseph.mo.us
Thu May 22 15:26:17 CEST 2003

This isn't exactly mailman-related, but as I'm running mailman on the server
in question...

Did anyone need to, after installing FreeBSD 4.7, need to make any changes
to sendmail to make it's aliases work?  Cause when I send an email to
<listname>@domian.com I get a returned mail saying "User Unknown" and the
list *IS* in the aliases file.

Can anyone help me out with this?  none of my aliases work, unless i have an
actual user on the system, and I would *REALLY* like to avoid ksetting up
new users for every list.

Please CC me privately with your response as I'm on digest mode on this list
:-)  (High-Volume list plus really old and clunky Exchange server don't mix)

Thanks in advance!

Joe Brouhard, MCP, A+
Computer Support Technician
City of St Joseph
jbrouhard at ci.st-joseph.mo.us

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