[Mailman-Users] LMTP-injector (Day of stupid ideas).

foobar foobar at intter.net
Tue May 27 15:51:48 CEST 2003


Is there any possibilities to deliver mail via LMTP to MailMan instead of
using that suid-wrapper via pipe? (Normal delivery: I use postfix and I
don't see any idea why should I change uid again since aliases are owned by mailman-user and
setuid is done by postfix already so this leads to newbie guestion: can I
remove that suid-wrapper between MTA and MM like in Majordomo I managed to
send requests directly to its resend etc programs)

 (Why I am asking this here is: specifications says nothing about
lmtp-delivery via unix/inet-socket)

Is there any idea to have one master-process which spawns lmtpd and so on
+ smtp-workers for sending mail outside even if that is MTA's work).

It would be ace to have listserverNN.domain as "transport" which points
to example lmtp:inet:anotherserver:port (which is MM) so we can handle all
lists from one mta and not having to use nfs-glues delivering messages to
multiple MM-instances.


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