[Mailman-Users] bin/mailmanctl start

Vince LaMonica vjl at soceco.uci.edu
Thu May 29 02:16:29 CEST 2003

On Wednesday, May 28, 2003, at 03:45  PM, Jon Carnes wrote:

> Cool.
> The difference between our installs seems to be that I installed MDK9.1
> from scratch.  I keep a separate /home partition to let me do that
> easily - as I don't like the bugs that sometimes creep in via upgrades.

Actually, I also did a 9.1 from scratch. I had 8.2, backed up all my 
important data, and did an 'install' of 9.1, repartitioning my drives 
at the same time. I also avoid doing 'upgrade' installs for the very 
same reason [oddities creep in]. I had, at one point, also installed 
Ximian Gnome which gave me even more reason to do a fresh install of 
9.1. I did however restore my /home/mailman directory [which is where, 
on 8.2, i had mailman installed]. I was thinking that all I needed to 
do was restore my mailman user's crontab entries and all would be ok 
[since all of mailman's executables are in /home/mailman]. When mailman 
didn't want to start, that's when I went to go grab 2.1.1 and found 
that 2.1.2 was available. Grabbed that, installed it [backing up 
/home/mailman first] a few different times - installed it with my old 
lists in place, installed it in a /home/mailman2 directory [empty], 
etc. I read the mailman archives and followed your advice about 
installing a bunch of python-related RPMs, and even that didn't work. I 
finally decided to use the source.

> Glad to hear you got it going.  Installing Python from source makes
> plenty of sense.

Yeah, though it took me a while to think of that [doh!]


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