[Mailman-Users] approving / editing messages in the administrative database queue

Kenneth Bruyninckx kenneth at drosera.be
Thu May 29 09:17:24 CEST 2003


This one had got me baffled and after having checked both archives and
available documentation I need your help on this.

I have, like anybody else I'm sure, from time to time some bounces on the
These bounces are caused by the usual things like "admin requests",
"non-member submission" and "message longer than x Kb".

Now my problem is with the last type. I have set a limit of 10 Kb for a
single message as some people just hit reply on a digest and do not remove
the previous discussions :-(
So I get this message in the administrative database awaiting my action. Now
the action needed is to "trim"/delete part of the mail.

1) why is it not possible to "edit" the message from within the webpages,
because that is where I "look" at them in the first place

2) if the above is not possible, can someone explain me the exact and most
efficient (!) method of forwarding +  approving the message.

I have read that you should include an Approved: header, but I must be doing
something wrong.

Suppose the following message:

"From: Someone at somewhere .net
Date: ....
Subject: something

... long text ..."

Now if I "approve" this I would send the following in the mail body to the
list (after I did the forward)

"Approved: "my moderation password"
From: Someone at somewhere .net
Date: ....
Subject: something

... trimmed text ..."

What happens is that this message is then stripped of almost ALL headers in
the body except for Subject and Date and it appears as if I am the author
then because the original From: address in the body is gone AND is not
"re-used" as it would be under Majordomo :-( :-(

Is there a fix for this ?
What am I missing ?

kind regards,


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