[Mailman-Users] Excessive cpu usage

Arnar Birgisson ArnarB at oddi.is
Fri May 30 10:21:54 CEST 2003


This episode does bring up some thoughts though. My problem was for the
most part that I didn't know where to look ("ps aux | grep mail" would
have made a good place to start, but that was my fault :o), and the logs
didn't give me anything. Failure to contact an smtp server should
perhaps be logged in mailman's logfiles, what do you think?


>>> Raquel Rice <raquel at thericehouse.net> 30.5.2003 08:20:04 >>>
On Fri, 30 May 2003 07:59:22 +0000
"Arnar Birgisson" <ArnarB at oddi.is> wrote:

> I'm sorry all.. the private mail I sent Tom was meant to go to the
> list as well.. I'm simply used to mailing lists rewriting the
> Reply-To header..
> But here it is.. (one might think I didn't send this to the list
> from embarassment .. :o):
> F*ck.. I'm terribly sorry for wasting your time. I'm just stupid..
> that's all. It turned out that my MTA wasn't running at all.. no
> wonder mailman couldn't contact an smtp server >o((.
> Thanks all.. and sorry again.
> Arnar

I'm not so sure that "stupid" is the correct word to use here.  We
all do things which, with hindsight, seem we should not have done or
something we should have caught.  It's good to know that the "fix"
was something so simple.

Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear--not absence of fear.
  --Mark Twain

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