[Mailman-Users] list naming and admin Q

Nyx Wolfwalker nyxks at nyxstium.ca
Sat May 31 07:15:44 CEST 2003


I have just set up a with a new web hosting company, and mailman is part of the 
package (which is great). When I used mailman on my previous host the urls for finding 
the join area and the like was easer for people to find, now for some reason the server 
i'm using appends an extenion to the group to find it .. such as 

Is there a way for me to change this? or is it all on the servers admin side?

Also .. is it possible to add multiple admin accounts to a list? or even sub admin 
accounts that allow a lesser admin (not the god admin) to update, add ppl, etc, but not 
delete the list or anythng drastic such as that?

Well take care and thanks

Nyx Wolfwalker

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