[Mailman-Users] Re: mailman & AOL's "Client TOS notification"

Ricardo Kustner mailman at rixhq.nu
Tue Nov 4 21:53:02 CET 2003

thanks for all the suggestions...
yes I'm aware of the personalization option in 2.1; I'm already using it 
for a lower volume list.
my ISP is especially jumpy about this because they had a recent 
experience of being blocked by AOL for 12 hours with AOL refusing to 
explain the exact reason.
I'm not too happy about having to enable personalization for this list 
because I don't want to use unnecesary more resources... but it looks 
like I don't have much choice :(

> Just explain to your ISP that the subscribers added themselves via a
> closed loop verification process (assuming they did) and that whatever
> AOL subscriber is marking the messages as spam has s**t for brains.

Luckily my ISP is smart enough to know I can't do that much about it, so 
I don't have to explain it.
Still, they are at risk so I can understand they are worried.



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