[Mailman-Users] Redhat9 mailman + postfix permissions problem

Skahan, Vince vince.skahan at boeing.com
Sat Nov 8 05:45:55 CET 2003


When you run 'rmlist' as root, it alters the permissions
on aliases to root:mailman and root's usually more restrictive
umask.  Setting it to mailman:mailman and 0664 as per the
FAQ section 6.9 took care of things.

Thanks to Dan Phillips for the reminder...

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I'm running redhat9 with postfix as the MTA and mailman installed with tweaks
that I picked up in the FAQ and the mailman postfix howto posted to the list
at http://mail.python.org/pipermail/mailman-users/2002-September/022370.html

My mm_cfg.py contains the following:
	MAILMAN_USER = 'mailman'
	MAILMAN_GROUP = 'mailman'
	DEFAULT_EMAIL_HOST = 'myhost.domain.here'
	DEFAULT_URL_HOST = 'myhost.domain.here'

Works great other than the list creation aborts out due to a permission problem
in running '/usr/sbin/postalias /var/mailman/data/aliases' after the aliases file has
the pertinent entries added.

I know it's trivial to log in and run the postalias command as root, but has anybody
solved this problem with sudo or the like so that the whole list creation mechanism
can happen via the web interface ?

Any help would be appreciated...

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