[Mailman-Users] DirecPC, MailShield and VERP

Jeff Hahn jeffh at gryphongardens.com
Fri Oct 3 17:06:15 CEST 2003

In their infinite wisdom, DirecWay/DirecPC appear to be using a program that
rejects VERP'd from addresses.

The non-VERP'd messages are delivered by exim...

2003-10-03 08:38:38 1A5Q8F-0005zh-00 => xxxxxxxx at direcway.com R=lookuphost
T=remote_smtp H=mx1.direcpc.com [] C="250 2.5.0 Ok. (relayed by

The VERP'd messages are rejected...

2003-10-03 08:35:43 1A5Q5u-0005vu-02 ** xxxxxxxx at direcway.com R=lookuphost
T=remote_smtp: SMTP error from remote mailer after MAIL
FROM:<listname-bounces+xxxxxxxx=direcway.com at lists.gryphongardens.com>
SIZE=4682: host mx1.direcpc.com []: 550 SMTP session aborted;

Is there anyway to disable VERP (which has proved very useful in handling
bounces) on a per recipient or per list basis????



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