[Mailman-Users] Default conceal from subscriber list setting

Paul H Byerly paul at thcwd.com
Sun Oct 5 20:13:31 CEST 2003

Todd wrote:
>Paul H Byerly wrote:
> > I'd like to be able to set a list so the default setting for
> > "Conceal yourself from subscriber list?" is "Yes" rather than no.
> > Don't see an option for this in Defaults.py.
>AFAIK, you need to set DEFAULT_NEW_MEMBER_OPTIONS.  To change the
>default for concealing new members, you would subtract 16 from the
>current setting (256 by default).  So, set

      Okay, I should have been able to find that.

>in mm_cfg.py and then all new lists will inherit this setting.  To
>apply this to an existing list, I think you need a withlist script,
>but I could be wrong (I don't know mailman that well and I've had more
>than a few choice beverages so far tonight).
>If you do find that a withlist script is required, as I did when
>testing this, you might find the quickie I whipped up to be useful
>(which I ripped off completely from fix_url.py).  I'll attach it, just
>in case you want it.  The path to python might need adjusted, my local
>mailman install is on a Red Hat 7.3 box, where python 2 is installed
>as /usr/bin/python2.
>This will change the setting to DEFAULT_NEW_MEMBER_OPTIONS.  If you
>want to change a list to something else, pass the --options argument
>to the script.  Note that there's absolutely no checking done on the
>value you pass to this argument.
>HTH (and more importantly, I hope it works),

      Worked great, thanks.  Have a choice beverage on me.  BTW, love the 
sig file.

<>< Paul 

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