[Mailman-Users] Mailman puts footer in MIME attachment

Ben Gertzfield che at debian.org
Mon Oct 6 20:30:51 CEST 2003

Mark Koek wrote:

> Hello list,
> After I added some lines to the footer of my list run by Mailman 2.1, 
> it has started converting the list messages (plain old text only) into 
> multipart/mixed MIME messages, with the footer in a separate 
> text/plain attachment.
> Subscribers are complaining because not all mail clients can handle 
> this properly, apparently.
> Is there a way to switch off this behaviour? I haven't found anything 
> in the web interface.

This is fast becoming a FAQ.

The reason Mailman does this, is because your list is configured for a 
different character set than the incoming emails.  For example, if it's 
set for German (ISO-8859-1), and someone sends a message in UTF-8, the 
footer cannot be directly added to the message, and needs to be attached 

There is a patch available that attempts to coerce all emails to Unicode 
so footers can be safely added.



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