[Mailman-Users] Qrunner with 98% load

Wim Bonis bonis at bonis.de
Mon Oct 6 20:35:27 CEST 2003

> > The pck files look fine, It is e.g. a message to the normal list 
> > address.
> Yet this message hangs out in the queue? Or rather the queue 
> is stalled out on it?
> If you delete this message and send a different message to a 
> different list what happens?

Normal messages just go thru.

I looked a little bit more arround, the messages which make the problems, 
are already delivered to the list and have been processed to the other 

But in the .db file they are two emailadresses in the recip-Filed which are 
not resolvable (no MX record for the emaildomain).

So i know now what the main Problem is....

But is this the right behavior which mailman shows? I think the way it 
should work is it should try to deliver the messages again to the MTA, and 
Wait for the response from the MTA. (And it should not take all the

Is there anything in mailman which can explain this behavior? Does mailman
DNS/MX entrys before contacting the MTA. Or dos mailman has a internal state
already failed messages?

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