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Christian Schoepplein mail at schoeppi.net
Wed Oct 8 21:01:15 CEST 2003


On Die, Okt 07, 2003 at 12:31:03 -0700, Jesse Williams-Proudman wrote:
> I need to generate mailing list stats for my customer (# of emails
> delivered/# failed, etc...) for each email they send on their list.  Can
> Mailman do that?  If not, does any one know a server that could?

I wrote a script based on Jon Carnes ideas that I found in the archive of 
this list. With this script you can

- create a overview page with some datas aobut evry advertised mailinglist 
  on your server and with links to a detailed stat and to the list info 
  pages for evry list; this overview might be helpfull for siteadmins etc.
- create detailed stats for every list witch will be coppied in a seperate 
  listspecific directory, so access for evry list can be restricted for 
  evry list with a special login or password for example with an 
  .htaccess-file; this stats might be helpfull and interesting for the 
  moderators or listadmins.
- mail out the detailed stats to the listadmins and moderators and/or 
  other people who could be interested in the stats.

The webpages and mailings can be done with cronjobs as ofthen as necesary.

I run this script on a little server with mailman 2.1.3 and about 40  
lists and 1500 users with out any problems, but I have no experince what 
will happen if this script is used with bigger lists or more users. 

Here is the link where the script can be downloaded:


If anyone has ideas, wishes, critics, bugfixes or what else regarding the 
script, please let me know!

Regards and have fun,

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