[Mailman-Users] Custom mailing list subscription

Realm Tech service tech at bdsmrealm.net
Thu Oct 9 00:04:15 CEST 2003


we are the managers of the BDSMrealm website (www.bdsmrealm.net).

The whole site is a customisation of PHP-NUKE (v.5.6).

We offer free web services for regional groups.
We need to offer them also a mailing list service per group.

Our ISP provides Mailman 2.1.2: we need to customize some basic 
administrative functions: e.g. user subsctiption/removal/promotion to have 
them working inside our php pages.

For example: when a new user joins a group, we also need to add his email 
address to the group mailing list without leaving our pages.

Given that we are totally new to Pyton, can someone give us some hints?

Thanks in advance.

- Stefano Re -
- DooM -

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