[Mailman-Users] Use add_members script with confirmation?

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Sat Oct 11 13:12:49 CEST 2003

I am currently running a mailman 2.x announce only list

Due to the size of my mailing list I needed to split my original list into smaller sublists for performance reasons.

In this setup: 
(1)Users subscribe to one initial list and need to confirm

(2)A cron script executes periodically and moves them to one of 26 lists based on the first letter of their subscription address using the
add_members script

My mailings  then occur from the 26 sublists.

The confusion:

Subscribers are confirming to the original initial list
Everything is fine until they end up getting email from the sublist (whose address is different than the original intial list they confirmed to)
They then complain they were subscribed to the sublist without their consent, etc. etc.


Is there anyway to delay the confirmation process so it occurs when their address is added via the add_member script or some other standard mailman utility? 

I've looked at the options for add_member and didn't see anything that would help.
Thanks in advance

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