[Mailman-Users] script to view all lists and subscribers in one file

Merle Reine merle.reine at lindows.com
Tue Oct 14 00:08:39 CEST 2003

I have over 181 mailing lists with numerous users on each list.  I need a 
way to list all the lists and their respective users/admin/list mod in one 

I know there is the : list_lists and list_members, etc.  but one only 
lists lists and no users, the other, list users but I have to run the 
script for each list.

Has anyone found a way/wrote a script to output all of the lists and their 
users for easier management?  If my boss asks me what lists he is on, I 
have to search each list.  I would like to run: ./list_all > all_lists.txt 
and have it output:

381 lists
	tom.jones at domain.com [list moderator]
	joe.blow at domain.com
	john.doe at domain.com
	eric.welch at domain.com [list moderator]
	arnold.schwarzenegger at domain.com

All in one outputted list for any employee to view via some url I move the 
outputted file to.

Also, If I make the lists not visible via URL, i.e. 
http://domain.com/mailman/listinfo then how can I manage them as an admin 
unless I know all of the list names (381 so far)?

Can I make them not publicly viewable but still be able to view them via 
the web as an admin as a list?

Once not viewable, http://domain.com/mailman/admin does not show the lists 

Merle Reine
Lindows.com System Administrator

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