[Mailman-Users] RE:Attachment, Euro Sign

Krause, Uwe Uwe.Krause at fep.fhg.de
Wed Oct 15 10:52:15 CEST 2003

FAQ 3.19 :

3.19. How do I prevent Mailman to attach signs when the mail body is not ASCII?
When I send a letter to a Mailman 2.1 mailserver, and the body of the mail contains non-ASCII characters, the sign I set for the list comes in attachment. The sign just contains ASCII characters. How do I enforce Mailman no to attach the sign, but to send it in the body? 

... but no answer up to this time & I am searching for the same problem :-(.

Another problem is the german euro sign .... no way i my eyes to get the character through the mailman (using 2.1.3).
I want a plain/text list using stripmime.pl ... this work´s fine for me. Messages with Euro sign were never been a problem in mailman 2.0.6, but i discoverd the problem now in 2.1.3 after upgrade. Is there any suggestion someone could made ?

Thanks for your help !!


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