[Mailman-Users] Problems with 2.1

Timothy Brooks tim at IntegraStrategic.com
Wed Oct 15 15:34:13 CEST 2003

My Web hosting company (VenturesOnline) recently upgraded from Mailman 2.0 
to 2.1, and my list has had some problems ever since then I cannot seem to 
figure out.

The primary issue is that people using Outlook suddenly started receiving 
all messages as attachments. It wasn't everyone, and seemed to be limited 
to people on Exchange Server. But it was a big problem.  I discovered that 
converting my own messages to plain text before sending them out seemed to 
resolve the issue, so I went to 2.1's new section in the manager and told 
Mailman to convert text/html parts to plain text. That seemed to work, but 
then no one could send attachments. (The list is used by the alumni of a 
college singing group, and people frequently send photos of the current 
group in concert.) It was stripping attachments.

So, I added this to the section that supposedly permits specific attachments:


But this caused problems for even more people -- Outlook users who are not 
on Exchange server. (What complicates matters is that I use Eudora, which 
has not had a problem.)

I've gone through the Mailman site and cannot find anything that helps. Do 
you have any insight into this?

One more issue, although it's minor.  When I log into the manager, I am 
taken to the manager's main page.  Whenever I click on anything from there, 
I almost always have to re-enter my password.  Not a big deal, but a bug.


Tim Brooks

Integra Strategic Technologies Consulting, LLC
164 Middle Street, Suite 2
Portland, Maine 04101
http://www.IntegraStrategic.com . tim at IntegraStrategic.com

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