[Mailman-Users] Or just hack it (WAS: Re: Zest as an Archiver)

Paul H Byerly paul at thcwd.com
Thu Oct 16 19:26:43 CEST 2003

Brad Knowles wrote:
>It would be nice if we could make the archives hidden but not protected by 
>a password, so
>that other people could go to the archives and see them, if they were 
>given the proper URL.

      You can have a public list that is hidden.  Just set it to no for 
"Advertise this list when people ask what lists are on this machine?" in 
"Privacy options"

>In "hidden" cases like this, it would also be nice if we could
>make the URL have a pseudo-random component that would make it more
>difficult to guess.  Right now, if you know the listname (or
>something close to it) and you know the server, that's all you need.

      I would think you could do that with redirects.

<>< Paul 

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