[Mailman-Users] (Sorry) Can Nonmember Postings Be Allowed?

novitz at nyc.rr.com novitz at nyc.rr.com
Tue Oct 21 22:27:42 CEST 2003

(And now with more apologies for the triple-posting and the line feed issues.  I think it's fixed now.)

Hi.  I apologize in advance--I'm usually someone who
 would dig right in and figure out how to do this
myself, but I'm a bit time constrained right now 
(who isn't?) and I'm hoping to use the list's 
aggregated knowledge to my benefit.

Here's the question:

I want to create a mailing list (say, "[reminders]")
 for the purpose of sending mail to both myself and
 my wife, so that we're both aware of things that 
need to be done.  For example, our car dealer can 
send emails telling us when we need to have 
scheduled service.  I want both my wife and I to get
 the mail so that one of us will catch it and act on
 it, just in case it "blows by" one of us.  In such
 a case, I don't know the email address that the 
announcement will come from, nor do I want or need 
to know it--but I want to register the address that
 this entity will send to as "reminders at 
mysite.org" (the mailing list address), and I want
 to allow that sender (an address I do not know) to
 post to the list.

Any help would be much appreciated.

-- Mark

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