[Mailman-Users] Re: Two digest questions

Paul H Byerly paul at thcwd.com
Wed Oct 22 03:38:19 CEST 2003

John DeCarlo wrote:
>Paul H Byerly wrote:
> >      My lists are set to generate a digest daily even if it's not full.
> > This is occurring at noon server time.  Anyone know where I can change
> > that time?  A quick perusal of the FAQ did not give me an answer
>It is set off by a cron job.  Try looking at the results of:
>crontab -u mailman -l
>You can change it there.

      Okay, that's my dumb question for the month.  I've gotten so used to 
hacking Python files to do everything I don't think of the obvious.

> >      It also seems that the digests send well before reaching the 45 Kb
> > limit I've set.  In fact i moved on up to 50 Kb, and it's yet to reach
> > 40 Kb.  Not a big deal, just seems odd when the average post is 3 to 7
> > Kb.  Mostly curious about the inner workings on this one.
>Well, note that your first paragraph says you have set it to send a
>digest daily, whether or not it is full.
>Are you saying that some days you send out two digests and the first one
>is only 40 KB?

      One list sends two and three digests a day, and it's never been 
within 5 Kb of the limit.  I assume it sends a digest when it receives a 
post that would put it over.  I've not tracked it to see if in each case 
the next post would have put it over.  May just be coincidence.

<>< Paul

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