[Mailman-Users] Bulk re-enabling of disabled accounts

David Alexander DAlexander at OpalComputing.com
Wed Oct 22 17:09:34 CEST 2003

I believe once they are bounced, they are gone from the list.  But, once 
you export the bounced list you can copy-and-paste them into the membership 
list again.  Any duplicates will simply be rejected.  I hope that helps.

David Alexander
Opal Computing

At 10:59 AM 10/22/2003, Wayne Spivak wrote:
>I have a list, that was too severed on bounced emails.
>As a consequence, I have large numbers of individuals who have been
>Is there a way I can just re-enable everyone - short of dumping all the
>names, clearing the list (remove members) and adding them in bulk?
>Thank you.
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