[Mailman-Users] Address matching behavior

Vijay G. Bharadwaj vgb at umd.edu
Fri Oct 24 00:15:25 CEST 2003

Thanks for the replies.

I realize that adding the host name is not-so-desirable behavior (which 
is why you won't see hostnames in my outgoing email :)). It is, however, 
very common, and I don't have any control over the large number of users 
and mail servers that would need to be fixed in order for it to go away.

Ed - the 2.0 behavior was a config option, not a bug. I know that 
someone who controls a host can give themselves any username they want - 
this is just one of the many easy ways to forge a from address. However, 
most users don't do this, and many are either unable or not knowledgable 
enough to fix their clients or servers to canonicalize the outgoing 
address. As such, SMART_MATCH provided a useful service to some of us 
harrowed admins.

I think I will take a closer look at the membership adapter. It doesn't 
seem that hard to hack the functionality back in at first glance, and it 
sure beats having to nag at all the (mostly external) users who have the 


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