[Mailman-Users] Error on adding/deleting lists

Eric J. Ray ejray at raycomm.com
Sun Oct 26 14:50:04 CET 2003

Richard Barrett wrote:
>> If I need to delete a list manually, do I just delete the
>> directory for it from the ~/lists directory? Is it
>> really that easy?
> Better to use the script $prefix/bin/rmlist -a

Good to know.

>> Initial support-staff password:
>> Traceback (most recent call last):
>>   File "./newlist", line 219, in ?
>>     main()
>>   File "./newlist", line 185, in main
>>     __import__(modname)
>> ImportError: No module named None
>> [mailman at www bin]$
> This looks as though, probably in $prefix/Mailman/mm_cfg.py unless you 
> edited Defaults.py which you should not do, the following assignment is 
> present:
> MTA = 'None'
> This should read as follows (note the lack of quote marks) because None 
> is a reserved word with special significance in the Python language:

That was it--works just fine now. Thank you very much!

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