[Mailman-Users] Large amount of memory for mailmanctl

Bastiaan Welmers bastiaan-postfix-users at welmers.net
Mon Oct 27 00:20:06 CET 2003


I recently installed Mailman 2.1.3 on a mini server.
I'm really happy with my Mailman installation because it's powerfull and easy
to maintain.
But when I watched the memory usage of the mailmanctl resistant
program I was about to get an attack ;-).

Why does a simple program like this require 30 megs of core? (there where 7
python2 processes open totally using 30MB) The only thing mailman has to do
here is processing a few mails a day on everage. 
I spend a lot of time to keep the memory usage as low as possible
(light-weight OS, only necesary processes) so I new daemon using 30MB of core
all the time for only processing a few mails is not my target.

Is there a way to do it without this mailmanctl daemon? In fact Mailman only
needs to be started when the bin/mailman mailwrapper is activated when it
recieves an email, or when a CGI program from www is being activated.
What is the exact task of mailmanctl?


Bastiaan Welmers

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