[Mailman-Users] mailman dont deliver

Wouter wouter at addrenaline.com
Mon Oct 27 13:13:01 CET 2003


I have created a new list. And mailman says that he sends me a wecome`s
mail. I dont recieve i welcomes mail, thats not the point.

But when i send domething to the list i see the follow in

2003-10-27 12:47:59 1AE5qp-0007cc-Ex <= laptop at addrenaline.com
H=smtp6.wanadoo.nl [] P=esmtp S=1495
id=000801c39c80$0f38bf30$a4bf360a at laptop
2003-10-27 12:48:05 1AE5qu-0007cl-Rn <= laptop at addrenaline.com U=amavis
P=scanned-ok S=1693 id=000801c39c80$0f38bf30$a4bf360a at laptop
2003-10-27 12:48:05 1AE5qp-0007cc-Ex => backpack-reizen
<backpack-reizen at backpack.nu> R=amavis_router T=amavis
2003-10-27 12:48:05 1AE5qp-0007cc-Ex Completed
2003-10-27 12:48:06 1AE5qu-0007cl-Rn => |/usr/lib/mailman/mail/mailman
post backpack-reizen <backpack-reizen at backpack.nu> R=system_aliases
2003-10-27 12:48:06 1AE5qu-0007cl-Rn Completed

And where mailman then drops the mail i dont know.

I dont revieve a mail back whit a error or something.

Can someone help me whit this problem ?

Greets Wouter

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