[Mailman-Users] sharing /locks /lists /archives for two mailmans running in diferent computers to prevent host down

javier javier.romero at cedex.es
Mon Oct 27 13:41:55 CET 2003

Ok! jonh, when i try to start second mailmanctl i got ab error, but i 
got to start second mailmanctl with -s flag.... but i don't know wath 
i'm doing,....
so...  Somebody knows if this is good?? 

bash-2.03# ./mailmanctl start
The master qrunner lock could not be acquired, because it appears as if some
process on some other host may have acquired it.  We can't test for stale
locks across host boundaries, so you'll have to do this manually.  Or, 
if you
know the lock is stale, re-run mailmanctl with the -s flag.

Lock file: /usr/local/mailman/locks/master-qrunner
Lock host: burlador

bash-2.03# ./mailmanctl -s start
Starting Mailman's master qrunner.

Javier Romero Casado
Dep. Comunicaciones

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