[Mailman-Users] Requirements for a new archiver

Doug Robb doug at psy.uwa.edu.au
Mon Oct 27 14:29:50 CET 2003

On Mon, 27 Oct 2003, Iain Bapty wrote:

> Functional Requirements
> The archive component should
>    1. store email discussions.
>    2. integrate with Mailman.
>    3. provide a web-based interface to those email-discussions.
>    4. provide an interface that threads discussions by their content. (ZEST)
>    5. provide an interface that threads discussions by e-mail replies.
>    6. allow for full-text searching of the archives.
>    7. allow for filtering by date, author, and/or topic.
>    8. be MIME aware.
>    9. allow archives to be set as public or private.
>   10. allow posts to be added, deleted, and modified through web interface.
>   11. allow archives to be locked to prevent modification.
>   12. allow postings to be emailed.
>   13. allow postings to be referenced externally.
> Which of the functional requirements, 6 to 13, do you feel are the most 

6 7 10 9 in that order. Also be nice to have the format of the
archive to be easily customised using templates (which
would include style sheet/sheets). This way a list owner
could easily make the archives look good - which can't be said
of a lot of archiving systems around now. 

good luck with it,

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