[Mailman-Users] lockfile mtime in future

Jon Carnes jonc at nc.rr.com
Tue Oct 28 09:16:43 CET 2003

On Mon, 2003-10-27 at 13:28, Doug Griswold wrote:
> I have two lock files in /usr/local/mailman/locks
> one is master-qrunner and the other is master-qrunner.mysite.com:25326
> the strange thing is that the MTIME is in the future.  Is this normal? 
> If so could someone explain this.  This is on mailman 2.1.3
> Thanks


There is a good write up of this in the archives.  I'm too sleepy now to
do it justice, but suffice it to say that it's normal behavior.

Jon Carnes

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