[Mailman-Users] Feature request (?)

Robert Carsey rcarsey at monmouth.edu
Tue Oct 28 16:17:48 CET 2003

You know what would be super..  In Privacy Options > Sender Filters, the
four fields titled "List of non-member addresses whose postings should
be [accepted | held | rejected | discarded]" should be able to accept
Mailman list names in addition to plain old e-mail addresses.

My Mailman server holds an all-students lists and an all-employees list
(subscriber lists for both are updated nightly with sync_members; and
can be quite dynamic at the start of the semesters).

We'd like to say "If you are a member of all-employees, then you may
post to all-students.  Otherwise, reject."  In essence, it's an
announcement-type list; but instead of just a handful of static
auto-accept addresses,  we have thousands of dynamically changing

Similarly, a company might have a Cabinet or "executive management" list
which might serve as as a normal mailing list AND also as an auto-accept
list for a employees or peons list ;-)

I'm currently doing a list_members on my employees list, and pasting it
into the auto-accept textbox in students.. its a pain. 

Robert Carsey
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