[Mailman-Users] "Lost" a list and now I'm stuck...

Simon White simon at caperet.com
Tue Oct 28 17:55:58 CET 2003

28-Oct-03 at 11:38, Jon Carnes (jonc at nc.rr.com) wrote :
> Have you tried copying config.safety to config.pck and then running
> check_db? (remember to make a back up first).
> If that doesn't work, see if you can get any information from
> config.safety by using ~mailman/bin/dumpdb.  It may have a lot of the
> information you need.
> Also, do check your file space to make sure you are not running low on
> that volume.  The way that Mailman adjusts the config files is create a
> new one from the old - its at that point that I believe the current
> version is renamed to config.safety.  For everything to work properly
> you would need at least 3x (the size of the list) of available free
> space on the drive.

I'm cc'ing the list because this is what worked, it could come in

I copied the file config.pck.safety to config.pck and lo and behold, the
list was back in the list_lists list... and then check_db didn't find
any errors so it looks like we're back up and running.

I'll keep an eye on it for the time being. Going to fix my shell script
now, that updates members from a simple website, because they can't
handle confirmations and all that in French with a bit of English here
and there, so I've made it simple ... but my shell script doesn't check
the exit status of add_members so I lost a few new member addresses to
the bitbucket... oh well, that'll teach me!

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