[Mailman-Users] rotating mbox files and old archive.txt files

Bill James Bill.James at j2global.com
Thu Oct 30 20:36:36 CET 2003

I saw some postings about about rotating mbox files that just said to read
the Archival Options docs.
( http://mail.python.org/pipermail/mailman-users/2001-September/013787.html
We have the archivals options set but the list_name.mbox file doesn't rotate
and the archives/private/list_name/year-Month.txt file doesn't get cleaned
up, both gzip and txt files
are there.
Did I set something wrong or do I need to create my own clean up script to
remove previous months
.txt files and rotate the list_name.mbox file?
(running Mailman 2.1.2 on Linux RH7.3)

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