[Mailman-Users] Spam prevention causes trouble with "List Created" email

John Jendro aka Tail Cat johnj at ece.pdx.edu
Wed Apr 7 01:26:57 CEST 2004

Our email is setup so sendmail checks to see if mail is from an email
address that exists by talking to the sender's email server.

Problem is when I create a list named "blah" blah-bounces doesn't exist
yet, and blah-bounces is what is used as the sender of the "your list has
been created ... " message.

Does anybody know which piece of code I have to hack to get mailman to send
the message from postmaster or from mailman-bounces?

John Jendro aka Tail Cat (johnj at cat.pdx.edu)
Portland State University, Computer Action Team
College of Engineering and Computer Science
Phone:	503-725-5420	Fax:	503-725-3211

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