[Mailman-Users] I'm BEGGING for help here

Richard Barrett r.barrett at ftel.co.uk
Wed Apr 7 23:50:06 CEST 2004


You are asserting that your tests show some problem exists but from a 
quick look at it, the code concerned is not obviously defective.

Regarding your first problem; without an example input message, the 
corresponding output message with one list configuration and the output 
message with the other list configuration that demonstrate the fault it 
is difficult to see how to help identify the source of the problem you 
believe you are seeing.

Same comment regarding your second problem.

Why not post a bug report on sourceforge and attach a .tar.gz 
containing the test case messages that demonstrate the fault you 
believe exists.  Some kind soul might then be able to help identify and 
correct the problem you assert exists.


On 7 Apr 2004, at 19:24, Paul H Byerly wrote:

>      After reading up on mime types and making literally hundreds of 
> tests, it seems that the Content filtering on
> 2.1.4 DOES NOT WORK CORRECTLY.  Correct me if I'm wrong here - If I:
> 1) select yes for "Should Mailman filter the content of list traffic 
> according to the settings below?"
> 2) leave the fields for both content matching boxes empty,
> 3) and select no for "Should Mailman convert text/html parts to plain 
> text?"
>      Should the results not be the VERY SAME as if I'd selected no for 
> "Should Mailman filter the content of list traffic according to the 
> settings below?"  There is no conversion, and both tests should be 
> skipped because the fields are left blank.
>      And yet, these two things DO NOT give the same results.  Can 
> anyone tell me this is not a bug?
>      Another case.  I turn filtering on, I have nothing in the remove 
> matching field, and I have:
> multipart
> text
> image
>      In the remove not matching field.  So why do mails with html 
> formatting and images come through with both the image and the html 
> striped?
> <>< Paul
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