[Mailman-Users] Not all mail getting delivered

Ryan Verner xfesty at computeraddictions.com.au
Fri Apr 9 13:07:47 CEST 2004

On 09/04/2004, at 8:14 PM, Richard Barrett wrote:
> I do not grok Postfix but reducing the value of the Mailman config 
> variable SMTP_MAX_RCPTS in mm_cfg.py to a smaller value than the 
> default of 500 set in Defaults.py (assuming MM 2.1.x) might be of 
> benefit. I think you can come down to a few tens from 500 for this 
> value without really prejudicing performance for most lists (well I 
> can, with Sendmail).

Ah, I'll try this.  I'm assuming, by this logic, that postfix is 
probably seeing too many invalid rcpt's from the one smtp connection 
and as a result, gives this error.

Does mailman handle delivery different to a local MTA, rather than 
remote machines?  I'm curious, because many people's spam filtering 
would limit the amount of RCPTS allowed these days to a value much 
lower than 500, right?

> If that stops the Postfix disconnect then MM's bounce handler is 
> capable of cleaning the list of subscribers that cannot be reached if 
> the bounce parameters for the list are not too far off base.

Ah, so the mailman bounce handler only works if the MTA actually gives 
a real error (i.e. "user does not exist"), rather than just screaming 
that there's too many rcpt errors?

Probably explains why it wasn't working, then.  I knew mailman had 
bounce handling, was wondering why it wasn't working.

(Am I on the right track with the above logic, BTW?)


>>> I've insisted the guy should go in and manually clean up the 
>>> subscriber
>>> list, but he says majordomo handled this fine, and so should mailman.
>>> (I thought mailman did?).
>> Mailman is just delivering mail to all users on the list ...
>>> The MTA used locally is postfix.  I've tried tweaking various things 
>>> in
>>> it, such as disabling the guy's super paranoid anti-spam stuff [which
>>> was causing some issues, but not this], but to no avail.
>> The only thing that makes sense is to clean up the subscriber
>> databases. If one does not like to do that, one will have to
>> reconfigure postfix.
>> -thh


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