[Mailman-Users] Not all mail getting delivered

LuKreme kremels at kreme.com
Fri Apr 9 19:41:52 CEST 2004

On Apr 8, 2004, at 10:23 PM, Ryan Verner wrote:
> too many errors after RCPT from server

Googling on the error message (always a good idea)


brings up this thread:


fix appears to be setting smtpd_hard_error_limit

from sample-smtpd.cf:

# The smtpd_hard_error_limit parameter specifies an error count upper
# limit.  The SMTP server disconnects after an SMTP client makes this
# number of errors within a session.
smtpd_hard_error_limit = 20

try increasing that to 30, or 50, or whatever.

(and this question really should have been posted on a postfix list if  
posted at all)

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