[Mailman-Users] site list web loop

Trevor Cordes trevor at tecnopolis.ca
Sat Apr 10 13:18:32 CEST 2004

I've always had major problems with the "site list" (Mailman).  I've never 
really understood why it is required, and only about half the docs out 
there say to set it up (confusing) and the others don't mention it at all.  
I've tried running my site with and without this list, and settled on 
"with" as the proper solution.

However, lately the following has been occuring:

1. I get viruses (or even legit emails) sent to that email address 
(Mailman at mysite.com).

2. Mailman sends me an email telling me of pending moderator requests.  It 
tells me to click on the included link to 

3. I click on that link and am taken straight to (must be through 
redirections): http://mysite.com/mailman/listinfo

4. I click on the "Mailman - no description available" link which I can 
see in the source as pointing to http://mysite.com/mailman/listinfo/mailman

5. I am sent nowhere... and am still on the /listinfo page.  It must be 
trying to hit listinfo/mailman but redirecting back to listinfo.

6. I'm now in an endless loop and I can never get in to clear the pending 

NOTES: my other 4 mailing lists work perfectly through this interface -- 
it's just the "site list" that causes problems.

My mailman system has been upgraded many times since I started using it 
with RH7.3 (now on FC1).  I always try to preserve existing 
lists/archives.  This has always been a great challenge as no docs really 
discuss this issue in detail and I've had to wing it.  The reason I 
mention this is that there is a good chance my weird migration methods 
have messed something up.  I suppose it depends if anyone has this weird 
problem also! (try it on your site list and see!)

I could find no references to this problem in the mailing list archives or 
the web or usenet (all using google), but this is a hard one to define 
search terms for so I apologize if I missed a previous solution.

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