[Mailman-Users] Message Approval by Moderator

Diana Kirk owner at writestop.com
Sat Apr 10 19:35:22 CEST 2004

I'm very new to Mailman and I only have access to the Mailman (and Exim) 
software on our servers via a CPanel.

I need to set up our content filtering very conservatively because the 
list members don't always remember our rules and sometimes send 
messages in a format we don't accept -- HTML. The first message to get 
caught by the rule was sent to me as the list administrator, but was 
otherwise discarded according to the Mailman message that came with it.

I've changed the option to "Preserve the message" although I'm not sure 
what that will do differently. I'm hoping it will then appear in 
pending moderator messages. The list is not moderated, although there 
are two moderators identified to Mailman for dealing with problems.

I would like to approve the message and send it on to the list. How do I 
do that?

Thanks for your help,
Diana Kirk
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