[Mailman-Users] Re: Archive format

Paul H Byerly paul at thcwd.com
Mon Apr 12 19:26:19 CEST 2004

On 10:30 AM 4/12/2004, mailman-users-request at python.org wrote:
>The messages in archives don't wrap, so a line of text runs way off the 
>screen.  I've removed all content filtering commands, as well as disabling 
>content filtering, but it still happens.

      When I was looking at this it seemed to me it should be possible to 
write a script that reads in the message character by character and inserts 
line breaks as needed.  I never went so far as to try it.

      The dirty work around it to put the messages into a form text 
box.  This forces a wrap, but it kills the effects of the <pre> tags, which 
renders URLs unclickable.  It also means the pre tag shows up in the 
message, although this can be removed by hacking the code a bit.  For my 
lists putting the messages in a form box was the best fix.  To do this on a 
list by list basis, you copy the article.html template 
into  /<prefix>/mailman/lists/<listname>/en  (assuming English) then modify:

++ <form><TEXTAREA ROWS="24" COLS="90">
++ </TEXTAREA></form>

      Set the text area as you see fit.  A width of 90 fits even smaller 
screens, and will not cut up messages sent with proper line wraps.

<>< Paul

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